Updated Reflections on Naming

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With further consideration of the question of naming, I’ve been coming to the conclusion that the approach of a less “explicit,” and more open-ended name for the project would be more ideal.  (All of the feedback on this issue has been invaluable and much appreciated – thank you!) 
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Is this a Buddhist organization?

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This is a central question, with important implications for the mission and scope of the project.  It is related and perhaps underlying the discussion on the naming of the project.  Although I do not currently have a definitive answer to the question, I have several main thoughts on this subject:
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Reflections on Naming

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Although I’ve been provisionally calling this project the “Wilderness Dharma Center,” by no means is this necessarily the best or final name, and I’d love to hear any feedback that people might have regarding naming.  It seems to me that a good name is very important in conveying a positive and accurate impression about an organization. 

This can happen figuratively and implicitly (e.g. Outward Bound or Stepping Stones) with the emphasis on the feeling-tone. It can also happen more literally and explicitly (e.g. NOLS- National Outdoor Leadership School or BAYAS - Bay Area Young Adult Sangha) with a more specific definition of the mission and scope of the organization.

As a name, then, “Wilderness Dharma Center” is taking the more specific approach.  I am not entirely happy with it, however, for several reasons:
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The Wilderness Dharma Center brings together in one place three powerful and profound streams of training (wilderness experience, mindfulness, and leadership) to promote deep transformation and growth for adolescents and adults. While I have experienced each of these systems to be quite useful when practiced individually, I have also witnessed a strong synergetic effect when two or more of these types of training are combined.
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Initial Proposal Overview

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I’m in the midst of creating an outline overview of the current vision
for the project. Although it’s still very much in the rough draft
stage, feedback of any kind is most welcome. Thanks!
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