Wilderness Meditation Retreat Wrap-up

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The Wilderness Dharma Center’s first weeklong meditation retreat is now complete and I’d like to extend my gratitude to all who contributed to making this retreat flow so gracefully, especially all the participants and my co-leader Caiyloirch. We were very blessed during the week by the beautiful and spacious land, benevolent weather, and the kindness and sincere practice of all of the retreatants.

I’d posted a number of photos from the week, as well as some testimonials that several of the retreatants shared with us regarding their experiences. Finally, I’ve added a link to many of the poems and quotations that were shared during the retreat.

Once again, I send so many thanks to everyone involved in this retreat! I’m very encouraged by how things have unfolded, and I look forward to continuing and expanding this work through future daylongs, retreats, and other programs. A New Year’s wilderness retreat is currently being planned as well as other events for the Spring and beyond. More details will be posted on the website as they emerge. Please continue to stay in touch and feel free to spread the word to all who might have interest.

Many blessings,

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