Mt. Tam Daylong Wrap-up and Photos

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Thanks to everyone for making this daylong retreat such a sweet and successful event!

We were blessed with a goregous sunny day and 15 kind and enthusiastic participants.

(This is not counting the 4 who – I learned later – unfortunately arrived a few minutes after we’d left the trailhead!) We set up our base camp at the edge of a beautiful little meadow away from main trails and ended up having the area completely to ourselves. A sense of camaraderie emerged as we moved though the meditations and experiential activities and, as we completed the afternoon with a closing circle, I felt a palpable and very friendly sense of community and was quite inspired by the insights and reflections that were shared.

Photos from the day can be found here. (Thanks to Amos for graciously taking many of these shots!)

I’d also like to make a special request for any feedback which you might have regarding your experiences during the daylong. Any comments, suggestions, testimonials, stories, or reflections on what worked or did not work for you would be deeply appreciated and incredibly valuable for the development and evolution of this work. You can leave any public feedback here by using the “Comments” links on this website, or you’re welcome to contact me directly.

Thanks again to all for your participation; please stay tuned to the website for updated information about the future events. These will include more daylongs in upcoming months and, given sufficient interest, a multi-day wilderness backpacking journey. (Please let me know if you’re interested in participating in any of these, particularly in a backpacking trip in the late summer, likely mid-August).


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  1. I want to know where in the Sierra Nevadas you will go. I lead my own Wilderdance Trips here in Colorado to 11,000 ft and above. We even have one openning for our trip July 29 thru Aug 2nd, 2005. We stay in cabins and hike into the wilderness to create scores : Anna Halprin Style. I am interested in what you are creating.
    Thanks, Melinda

    Comment by Melinda West Harrison — 7/8/2005 @ 5:21 pm

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