Current Priorities

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Hello everyone,

Here are some thoughts about the current status of the project. As I see things now, there are three main current priorities to the endeavor. The first is finding a definitive name for the project (my thoughts on this are expanded upon here). In several ways, this is the most pressing issue as the other priorities depend at least partly on this one.

The second involves planning and promoting our first actual course offerings. At the moment, I am seeing running 2-3 backpacking-style wilderness trips next summer as pilot programs for the project. Likely themes for these programs include an adolescent rites of passage trip (which would focus on each individual’s personal growth and mindful transition to adulthood) and a young adult course that would encompass the full curriculum (of mindfulness, leadership/interpersonal work, and wilderness experience).
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Updated Reflections on Naming

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With further consideration of the question of naming, I’ve been coming to the conclusion that the approach of a less “explicit,” and more open-ended name for the project would be more ideal.  (All of the feedback on this issue has been invaluable and much appreciated – thank you!) 
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