Dear Friends…

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Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Teachers:

I would like to let you know about a project I have dreamed about for years and have now begun to actively create. I am very excited and wholehearted about this endeavor and I hope it might be of interest to you as well. For quite some time I have been cultivating ideas for creating a center that would bring together the systems of training (wilderness experience, mindfulness, and leadership) which have been the most positive and transformative in my own life. Although the motivation and energy for this project have been quietly gathering for at least 10 years, I feel that the conditions are now right to move forward in direct and specific ways.
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The Wilderness Dharma Center brings together in one place three powerful and profound streams of training (wilderness experience, mindfulness, and leadership) to promote deep transformation and growth for adolescents and adults. While I have experienced each of these systems to be quite useful when practiced individually, I have also witnessed a strong synergetic effect when two or more of these types of training are combined.
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Initial Proposal Overview

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I’m in the midst of creating an outline overview of the current vision
for the project. Although it’s still very much in the rough draft
stage, feedback of any kind is most welcome. Thanks!
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Welcome to the Wilderness Dharma Center’s fledgling website. Please feel free to leave comments or questions on the site, or contact us directly via email or phone. Thanks for your interest and support!